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Our coffee beans come from regions known for producing the finest coffee available




Sul de MinasCondado EstatePulped NaturalCondadoNice body, sweet, well balanced, good finish, and caramel tones.
Sul de MinasCondado EstateNatural
(Late Harvest)
CondadoGreat body, sweet, with chocolate tones, and clean finish.
Sul de Minas14/15 PeaberryPulped NaturalNice clean coffee, with the exploding pea berry tones.
Sul de Minas14/15 PeaberryNaturalCanaanGood body, sweet with more fruit tones. This is a great coffee for Single origin espresso. This coffee is a combination of our Dry Natural and the Late Harvest Naturals.
Sul de MinasCanaan EstateDry NaturalCanaanGreat body, lots of fruit and some chocolate.
Sul de MinasMicrolotsYellow Catuai,
Red or Yellow Bourbon,
Red Catuai
Pulped Natural
and Natural
Condado CanaanSmall lot of sigle origin varietal. Similar to Condado Estate PN, but with more complexity and great finish.
Sul de MinasOrganic, screen 14/15Yellow CatuaiPulped Natural